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    Snowflake We are children of the...

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“Funtabulous” necklaces, unlike any other. If you wear our necklace, you can be sure to be noticed! Let us help you to express yourself. Explore our range today.

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    Riddle I am millions of years old, yet I am just 37 – add one to me and you have the Earth; take one from me and you have nobility. I am common; indeed I rank 23rd among my five-score fellow inhabitants of your crust. Yet I am special, lending a blush to your celebrations, and giving the finest of temperaments to your clocks. I am hard; yet I melt at your...

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    Stardust The first babies created with stardust had pale skin and shiny eyes. The light of the moon nourished them. They were part of a confidential program carried by the most powerful governments in the world during the first menace of man´s extinction. The developers decided to use stardust because this is the purest element found in the human body....

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    The Tear Collector I began collecting my own tears. As a boy, I hurt myself and started crying, so my hands caught a few tears. Watching this liquid that my suffering had just produced, distracted me. I carefully saved the tears inside a bottle. Soon after, I began collecting the tears of everyone else. I waited for them to pour down in funerals,...

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Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items