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    Prophet Noztrad had always been...

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    Natural course The rivers of the world were unhappy. They had to flow, of course, as that’s what rivers do, but they were fed up at always having to merge with the sea. “Not only do we lose our freedom,” they said, “but our sweet, clean water becomes salty and undrinkable.” When the sea, who is fair-minded, heard of this, it said, “Well, if you can...

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    America She was twenty-six and already had lost three children. Her hands were trembling with the sharp wind on the harbour. Her only living child, a three year old, was holding tight to her leg. They were in the middle of a merciless war. The horn of the ship sounded and the echo sunk her chest. It was time to say good-bye. Her husband, an aloof strong...

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    Bluebonnets For every funeral in the village, people would come to Amelia to ask her for the flower arrangements. Each bouquet she had prepared held the spirit of the deceased in some way, keeping nice memories among their relatives. The blossoms remained fresh during the ceremony, and they stayed alive for a month. The scent of the gardenias and...

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