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    Kingfisher Once upon a time, there was a bird called a kingfisher, whose plumage was just plain grey. The other birds thought this to be so dull and boring that they teased him mercilessly. If he came near them, they would chase him away. But, one day, they chased the kingfisher so fiercely that he flew too near the sun, and his breast was scorched red....

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    Natural course The rivers of the world were unhappy. They had to flow, of course, as that’s what rivers do, but they were fed up at always having to merge with the sea. “Not only do we lose our freedom,” they said, “but our sweet, clean water becomes salty and undrinkable.” When the sea, who is fair-minded, heard of this, it said, “Well, if you can...

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    Riddle I am millions of years old, yet I am just 37 – add one to me and you have the Earth; take one from me and you have nobility. I am common; indeed I rank 23rd among my five-score fellow inhabitants of your crust. Yet I am special, lending a blush to your celebrations, and giving the finest of temperaments to your clocks. I am hard; yet I melt at your...

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    Snowflake We are children of the cold, born of the high, grey womb of winter, released to drift with myriad brothers and sisters to settle and smother; silence and soothe. We are hated by many; loved by more. We are a bringer of joy, a maker of misery, a creator of chaos, a licenser of excess. We are a symbol of peace, a symbol of purity, an emblem of the...

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    Bluebonnets For every funeral in the village, people would come to Amelia to ask her for the flower arrangements. Each bouquet she had prepared held the spirit of the deceased in some way, keeping nice memories among their relatives. The blossoms remained fresh during the ceremony, and they stayed alive for a month. The scent of the gardenias and...

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