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  • £125.00

    Scorpion The old man, a sage, was sleeping beneath a tree near a pool. As he awoke, he saw a scorpion floating helplessly in the water. Without thinking, he stretched out to rescue the drowning creature. As soon as he touched it, the scorpion stung his hand. As he cried out in pain, a passer by, who had seen the incident, said: "That was a foolish thing...

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    Souls By the year 2,150 just a few organic beings were left. Robotic animals had claimed their land. These artificial creatures were designed to play the hunting game. They tried to mimic the expressions of fear and courage, unsuccessfully. On a chilly morning, Milton went to the forest to take part on this insipid hunting routine. He was waiting, when...

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    Tristran “Mummy,” said Tristran, “why is the sky blue?” His mother took him by the waist and hoisted him onto her lap. “Well, darling” she said, bouncing him on her knee, “a long, long time ago there was a beautiful angel in Heaven that everyone loved, but she died at a very young age. So God made the sky the same colour as her eyes, so we would be...

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    Billy Elliot II They were the perfect couple: they saw eye to eye in everything, except that they supported different teams. So their first child proved a problem: should they bring him up in the red of the Rovers or the white of the Rangers? In the end, they decided – both. So, every birthday, they bought him shirts of both teams. From the age of four,...

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    Carbon’s Prayer O Lord, let me not lie forever, deep beneath this ground, Inert, unloved, forgotten, never more to see The sky, to feel the winter winds, to hear the sounds Of life as once I did. No, let me be found, Disinterred, unearthed from this dry black cave, This unmarked grave, this Nowhere; let me be saved From this ignoble death, grant me a...

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  • £30.00

    Nimbostratus To your kind, I am not a welcome sight. You judge me: you think my presence blocks the sun from your lives. I have become a metaphor for bad luck; an excuse you invoke to deliver you from blame for the ill-fortune you bring upon yourselves. To you I am a pariah. Yet consider! I am also intrinsic to the cycle of Life; a bringer of the Earth’s...

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    The wrath of ZeusImagine! They dared to disobey me! Me! Zeus! God of the sky and supreme ruler of the Olympian gods! Yet I was clear, was I not? Did I not tell them their fate should they displease me? But displease me they did. And so I punished them – those clouds that failed to part when I wanted sun; the moons that hid themselves on those many...

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    Prophet Noztrad had always been interested in ancient history. So, when he won the 2745 interplanetary zinglemandering contest, he chose as his prize a fortnight’s holiday back in 16th Century France. He packed his suitcase, took a couple of time-shift sickness pills, entered the time-capsule and set off for his destination. There, the hotel was great, if...

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    Elizabethan No, I am not rich; nor of noble birth, And yet I spend no tears on this paucity of fortune, For even the finest jewels in all this land, The brightest pearls that grace this earth Are but trinketry aside this Helen, this woman Who owns my heart, whose loveliness Leaves Aglaia forlorn, this woman with such a hand, In whose comparison all whites...

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    Grim reaper They told me it was a youth training thing, afterwards a job for life. Well, they weren’t lying. And I’m not complaining. At least I’ve got a job. No, I’m just saying that, after you’ve done the same thing, day-in, day-out, for umpteen million years, things can get a bit, well, dull. I mean, it’s not as if it’s demanding stuff, taking people...

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    Pink Panther Midnight. Moonless. The big old house looks deserted, but I know it’s not. In the near-blackness, I can just make out the open window on the third floor. I’ve got to make this quick, so I start climbing. I make it in less than five minutes, then through the window. The piece is exactly where I was told it would be: second drawer down, bedside...

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    Magician I always wanted to be a professional magician. Before I was ten years old I was spending my pocket money on the simple tricks you could buy in toyshops, and performing them for my friends and family. My parents completely bought into my dream. Every Christmas and birthday they bought me books on magic – and they all said the same thing: to be...

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