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    Nimbostratus To your kind, I am not a welcome sight. You judge me: you think my presence blocks the sun from your lives. I have become a metaphor for bad luck; an excuse you invoke to deliver you from blame for the ill-fortune you bring upon yourselves. To you I am a pariah. Yet consider! I am also intrinsic to the cycle of Life; a bringer of the Earth’s...

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    Souls By the year 2,150 just a few organic beings were left. Robotic animals had claimed their land. These artificial creatures were designed to play the hunting game. They tried to mimic the expressions of fear and courage, unsuccessfully. On a chilly morning, Milton went to the forest to take part on this insipid hunting routine. He was waiting, when...

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    Copernicus It is, is it not, an absurdity? Is it not expressly contrary to human reason and to holy writ? Who is this fool, this blasphemer, who moves the earth and stops the sun; who preaches that we are no better than other planets, mere slaves to the sun’s command? How could the Earth hang suspended in the air, were it not upheld by God's hand? By what...

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    Short Cut “That’ll be fifteen pounds,” said the cab driver. “I´m sorry, but this is the wrong street…” I was trying to explain. “This is the place you´re supposed to be,” he said, looking menacing in a subtle way. “I don´t mean to be rude, but I´m in a hurry,” I said nervously, “Get off the taxi and enter that building. This is the opportunity you’ve been...

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    Midnight Banquet Early one morning a long-awaited treasure arrived. It seemed like an ordinary box to Nora, the house cat. “Nora! It´s the beluga caviar from Russia!” cried Madame Agatha, and she opened the petite tin container. As she tasted the delicacy, her eyes crossed and she threw herself on the sofa in complete ecstasy. Nora had remained...

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    Evaporated She was on the edge of a nervous meltdown. Sucking a ginger candy frantically, walking back and forward, adjusting the thick scarf around her neck, going over the lyrics again and again. The place was packed, and somewhere in the audience a talent hunter was seated. If only the bar owner hadn´t told her about the unexpected audition. She was a...

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    The Candyman The smell of burning sugar tempts everybody around. Every afternoon little noses are glued to the window of Mr. Mortimer´s candy shop. Their little eyes are hypnotised watching the choreography of the taffy stretcher machine. Mr. Mortimer watches with wicked eyes, he´s got them addicted to his sugary delights. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin...

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    The Lunatic  Lenny was well known for his moon obsession. Since he was maybe five, he would crawl down his window and up to the town square to have a good look. He would gaze for hours without moving. Some people tried to distract him, but it was pointless. As he grew older some could swear he was going to be a famous astronomer. But, no, Lenny didn’t...

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    Money Baking  Frank was an abusive husband. He showed up with a huge pack of money, and ordered her to hide it. Sylvia put it deep inside the oven and continued doing her chores. That night, her husband arrived with some gamblers for dinner. Sylvia was exhausted, and without thinking much she turned on the oven. The smell of burnt paper woke her from the...

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