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    We've had an idea to create a ring, which moves away from the tradition or expected form. This unusual ring can be worn on the index or little finger, the one absent petal creates a gap that helps for the ring to fit comfortably against the neighbouring finger. The elastic centre stretches a little bit to allow for various sizes, S/M. There are three...

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    Don't be fooled by Adele's muted disposition, once she catches your eye, you won't be able to look away! Constructed using a right angle cross beading technique, using a black nylon thread, cube black crystals and natural lava beads on both ends of the completed structure. Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth....

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    These irresistable raspberries are the symbol of Malina Jewellery and are our logo! The berry is assembled using nylon thread, from the bottom layer of five beads, built up bead by bead in each subsequent layer, increasing the number of beads to give it shape. It is finished off with one bead at the bottom to complete it. The leaves are done separately...

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    We do love colour! This purple, orange and blue colour combination may seem strange on paper but look how well it works together, like an exotic flower somewhere deep in a jungle! We have used a clear nylon thread to combine purple crackle beads and orange rubberised beads, in order to form a 3D structure. Large rondelle bead in blue serves as a base or a...

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