Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sasha. Although she was always playful, and loved to bring joy into the lives of others, she had always felt as though there was something missing from her own life. 

Then, one day – a completely ordinary day - Sasha woke up with an extraordinary feeling. It took her a few moments to realise what it was – a strange pull, like a magnetic force, urging her towards somewhere unknown, to see something equally unknown. Immediately, she dressed and set off after her spirit which was already on its way. Soon, she was running frantically, looking only ahead, like thunder chasing lightning. 

But soon she was exhausted; desperately in need of a rest. So she stopped, just for a moment. And it was then that she saw the sign, huge and looming, like the signs you find on motorways. This struck Sasha as extremely strange. After all, a sign like this would be unusual enough in any forest – but in a forest that no-one before her had dared to enter…

And yet, there was no denying that it was there. So she started to read it. And, as she did so, it suddenly came alive; a kaleidoscope of blinking coloured lights. Instantly, she was transfixed. As she stood there, a deep, resonant voice boomed: ‘If you go right, you’ll lose your steed. And that is tragedy indeed. But, if you go left, you’ll find your death - time to take your final breath. But, if you go straight, that’s where you’ll find happiness.’ It occurred to Sasha, just for a moment, to wonder why the last line didn’t rhyme, but it was just a passing thought – there was no time to waste; she had to carry on. But which way to go? The rebel that lived deep inside her considered the left and right options, if only to find out where they went. But she finally decided to take the sign’s advice. She went straight on.

It was a long road ahead. And, at times, a frightening one.  But it was also a great adventure. Hardly a minute went by without meeting a creature like nothing she had ever seen before: most of them weird, twisted things that seemed as though they had come from a child’s imagination. She even met an Ogre, who threatened to eat her. Fortunately, though, she had misunderstood him. It turned out that he was a nice ogre who meant well.

Before too long, Sasha found herself once again exhausted. By now, though, she had reached her destination - a beautiful, sun-drenched meadow, surrounded by glorious green trees. She sat down, for a moment of contemplation and reflection, and to enjoy the view. Suddenly, as she basked in the peacefulness of the meadow, she saw a small light moving towards her. It stopped right in front of her nose. As she got to her feet to inspect it more closely, the light began to move sideways and back, sideways and back, sideways and back, as if gesturing for her to follow it. So she did. It was the only way she would find out what it meant. Suddenly, in what seemed like an instant, Sasha was out of the forest and back in front of her house. She stared at the light, which was still there, bright and beautiful, radiating warmth and creativity, and a moment of realisation flashed upon her – the realisation that the light itself was the answer. At this exact moment of realisation, the light jumped inside her body and became one with her spirit. Sasha finally saw that she had needed the journey only to take her back to where she’s started. 

She went back home, embraced her wonderful family – her mother and sister - and felt glad that the light was now inside her, unified with her spirit. It is a light – the light of creativity and harmony - that still shines strong inside her, bright and beautiful. 

It was just a beginning. Ever since that that day, Sasha, her sister and her mother have been designing and making wonderful jewellery… and will continue to do so as long as they live.