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So I’m like, OMG, that’s so TOTALLY awesome, and she’s like, you know, playing it cool, hashtag whatever, as if that kind of thing happens every day, which is soooo unlike her, she’s usually so much of a, like, you know, emo, and he’s, like, well, just STANDING there, such a TOTAL noob, and it’s like that for aaaaages, him staring and her acting all, you know, like I care, and finally she loses it and like, says to him...but tell you the rest later, g2g or I’ll be late...let’s bounce

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  • unique gift
  • available in two colours: multi and neon
  • multi Isabella has semi-precious gemstones centre, natural, green aventurine beads 
  • corn flower blue cat eye beads 
  • the rest of the piece is made out of green beads, purple drawbench beads, orange rubberised beads 
  • golden large magnet clasp 
  • the neon Isabella has synthetic turquoise magenta beads
  • neon coloured green, orange, blue and yellow beads
  • Stainless steel clasp
  • our signature, stand out piece!
  • See 'Stones We Use' for more information 
  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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