Artemis - Necklace

Beaded fun and colourful piece Artemis.

Carefully assembled together using a thin nylon thread and needle, to create twig like effect out of the smaller lime green beads with a slightly larger red bead on the end, for a pop of contrasting colour.

The beaded structure is then attached to the bronze coloured metal finding.

The necklace hangs on an imitation leather cord, coconut brown colour, 90cm long. Tie it to your desired length.

Brighten up any outfit with this nature inspired piece!

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Artemis, The Story:


By the year 2,150 just a few organic beings were left. Robotic animals had claimed their land. These artificial creatures were designed to play the hunting game. They tried to mimic the expressions of fear and courage, unsuccessfully. On a chilly morning, Milton went to the forest to take part on this insipid hunting routine. He was waiting, when suddenly a deer appeared. He was ready to shoot, when he saw hot air coming out of the deer´s snout. The creature was looking directly at him. Milton had never seen the body of an animal move with such vigour. Its eyes had a different presence; they were deep. This was a real deer, maybe the last one alive. At that moment two souls met, and recognised each other in the middle of an artificial world. Milton lowered his weapon. The deer made a short reverence and left gracefully. 

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Purple Collection represents Malina Jewellery’s product range that is no less designer than the Gold Collection range but more affordable. It employs similar techniques, in a simplified, more accessible manner. Impressive, vibrant and exciting jewellery at a reasonable price. We invite you to experience the fireworks of the collection right now!


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