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One of our more classic pieces, Ellie earrings are elegance itself.

The earrings have a cluster of freshwater pearls in white and cultured freshwater pearls in black. 

Each pearl is on a stainless steel pin. These are then assembled on a stainless steel base, pearl by pearl, in a random but considered fashion to form the clusters.

The opulent cluster of pearls hangs on a stainless steel ball chain, attached to a stainless steel fish hook earrings.

Ellie earrings perfectly compliment Ellie necklaces, especially 'classic'.

Pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. It will help you learn the lessons and it will make you wiser and stronger for it. It will ground and center you no matter how chaotic your world gets.


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Ellie, The Story:


She was twenty-six and already had lost three children. Her hands were trembling with the sharp wind on the harbour. Her only living child, a three year old, was holding tight to her leg. They were in the middle of a merciless war. The horn of the ship sounded and the echo sunk her chest. It was time to say good-bye. Her husband, an aloof strong man, was the first in his family to sail away trying to find a better future. She wanted to hug him and kiss him passionately, but she held back. She moved closer to him, awkwardly. She didn´t know when would they meet again. Unexpectedly, he embraced her strongly and she felt his heart going fast, and his heavy breathing on her hair. He got close to her ear and whispered: “Meet me in America.” He released her, and climbed up to the ship, without looking back.

This is a Gold Collection item:

Gold Collection represents Malina Jewellery’s product range, exhibiting more complex techniques used to create our masterpieces, often using semi-precious gemstones. A very small number of each piece is produced in this range, as it takes excruciatingly long hours to create some of those fabulous items. To experience the wonder and sensation, browse through our collection now! 


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