Beth - Necklace

This simple yet dignified necklace is made out of large coral square beads.

To stay away from the old-fashioned association and to 'Malinafy' it, we've paired the beautiful stones with neon yellow thread, which is tied in small knots in between each bead. 

The necklace is 46 cm long with a stainless steel clasp.

This semi-precious stone once had a charming nickname of 'Sea's Garden' in part because people thought it was a plant. 

From the ocean energy, this crystal blossoms with protection, particularly against evil influences. The mythology of this stone's symbolic meaning supports the story of Perseus, when he beheaded Medusa, some of her blood dripped into the sea and became the stunning Red Coral that we see in jewellery today.

Keep an eye out for earrings, which are coming soon.


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Beth, The Story:


It was a sturdy dark red and white sailboat, and its name was Mizuchi, the sea god of the Japanese mythology. It was created to sail the seas defeating dreadful adversities. However, on the day it was supposed to begin its adventures its Capitan was imprisoned. Mizuchi remained ashore alone for many years. Nobody claimed him. His sails were never set. Almost half a century later, Mizuchi was sunk near the coast to be part of an artificial underwater park for scuba divers. He became a ghost ship, but how can one be a ghost if you´ve never been alive? The time passed and an immaculate coral reef grew on him. Electric blue, neon green, and fire red shone on its new coat. Giant clams, colourful fish, and anemones multiplied around him. He was a centre of bursting marvellous life. Finally, Mizuchi realized, this was the big adventure it was meant for.

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