Short Cut

“That’ll be fifteen pounds,” said the cab driver. “I´m sorry, but this is the wrong street…” I was trying to explain. “This is the place you´re supposed to be,” he said, looking menacing in a subtle way. “I don´t mean to be rude, but I´m in a hurry,” I said nervously, “Get off the taxi and enter that building. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, I´m just giving you a short cut,” he said. I looked confused and scared. So he continued, “Changing your life forever is now up to you, what do you decide?” A strange shiver went across my spine.  I got off, the taxi left quickly, and I entered the grey tall building. I can´t explain what happened, that taxi driver changed my destiny, it´s been 40 years since I’ve owned this company. I went from an average middle class worker to a filthy millionaire.

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  • semi-precious stones: white jade
  • austrian crystals, white
  • semi-precious stones: lapis lazuli, blue
  • austrian crystals, magenta
  • semi-precious stones: obsidian, black
  • austrian crystals, violet
  • stainless steel clasp and chain
  • necklace, 44-50cm
  • bracelet, 17-21cm
  • earrings 3.5cm
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