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The Treaty

It came a time when men and the magical creatures of the forests made a treaty. Men had outgrown the fairies and elves in number, although not in power. The ethereal world didn’t want to begin a war, and decided to hide in the human world, for they are beings that believe in balanced construction rather than irrational destruction. After setting the boundaries, the fairies chose to live inside the raspberries. The nymphs would continue to perform their magic through these enchanted shrubs. Each colour and flavour would bedazzle the humans and give them different sorts of powers for a night. Men and women went into the woods and try a Red Raspberry for telekinesis, a Purple Raspberry for invisibility, a White Raspberry for telepathy, a Gold Raspberry for super strength, an Indigo Raspberry for a healing touch and an Orange Raspberry for levitating. Since then, the fairies had been able to spread their seductive ancient spells and live among us for eternity.

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  • Raspberries are the symbol of Malina Jewellery, our logo
  • they are fun and colourful
  • available in various sizes and colours
  • the small Raspberries measure about 3cm in height and 2.5cm in width
  • the colours available in this size are Purple and White 
  • the Raspberries are available as necklaces, brooches or rings
  • white Raspberries are made out of semi-precious gemstone white jade
  • Both colours: necklaces have a stainless steel ball chain of about 80-90cm
  • ring size is adjustable in any colour
  • please note that brooches are quite heavy due to the size and type of beads, so we recommend using those on a thicker fabric like jackets, bags, skirts etc.
  • SAVE MONEY when you purchase this item as part of a set
  • See 'Stones We Use' for more information
  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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