Olivia - earrings

Midnight Banquet

Early one morning a long-awaited treasure arrived. It seemed like an ordinary box to Nora, the house cat. “Nora! It´s the beluga caviar from Russia!” cried Madame Agatha, and she opened the petite tin container. As she tasted the delicacy, her eyes crossed and she threw herself on the sofa in complete ecstasy. Nora had remained uninterested, then suddenly the aroma crept into its nose. It was the fresh fragrance of the ocean. Nora crawled to smell it a little bit closer, but Agatha reacted violently, pulling the cat away. Nora felt deeply offended, and took off infuriated. That night, Agatha hid her precious caviar somewhere in the library. When Nora heard Agatha´s snoring, it climbed up the bookshelves. Trusting its feline instinct, it found the target and threw it down. The can opened on the floor spreading the caviar all over. Nora had a banquet that night; she ate every single ball and licked its whiskers until dawn.

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  • semi-precious gemstones: carnelian, orange
  • shell beads in the centre
  • stainless steel clasp and chain
  • necklace, 44-50cm
  • bracelet, 17-21cm
  • earrings 3.5cm
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