The Candyman

The smell of burning sugar tempts everybody around. Every afternoon little noses are glued to the window of Mr. Mortimer´s candy shop. Their little eyes are hypnotised watching the choreography of the taffy stretcher machine. Mr. Mortimer watches with wicked eyes, he´s got them addicted to his sugary delights. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin Mr. Mortimer plays a magnetic tune, and all his disciples approach to watch the show. He creates enchanting shapes of creatures and flowers. At 5pm he will offer some for free, and they wont resist. They´ll open their mouths and Mr. Mortimer will smile with glee for their tiny teeth are rotting with cavities so big. Mr. Mortimer is taking vengeance, he no longer has his teeth, and instead he has fake ones that he removes and cleans once a week. Beware of the treat...

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  • chandelier like piece
  • white and pink composition
  • dominated by the beautiful white cat eye beads
  • large pink bead centre
  • stainless steel findings
  • necklace: white ribbon, adjustable length
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  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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