Karen - Earrings

This whimsical structure, reminiscent of a chandelier, creates quite an impact!

The earrings' materials are those of soft, feminine colours, yet there is real sense of extravagance.

We've used a large pink bead in the centre, cacooned by strings of white cat eye and pink beads, assembled using a clear nylon thread and needle.

Cat eye brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence. It can enhance creativity and kindness. Traditionally, cat eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits. It is thought to aid the nervous system and associated pains.

Karen earrings have a stainless steel fish hook earrings base.

If you would like this item as a bracelet, do let us know and we would do our best to accommodate your request.

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Karen, The Story:

The Candyman

The smell of burning sugar tempts everybody around. Every afternoon little noses are glued to the window of Mr. Mortimer's candy shop. Their little eyes are hypnotised watching the choreography of the taffy stretcher machine. Mr. Mortimer watches with wicked eyes, he´s got them addicted to his sugary delights. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin Mr. Mortimer plays a magnetic tune, and all his disciples approach to watch the show. He creates enchanting shapes of creatures and flowers. At 5pm he will offer some for free, and they wont resist. They´ll open their mouths and Mr. Mortimer will smile with glee for their tiny teeth are rotting with cavities so big. Mr. Mortimer is taking vengeance, he no longer has his teeth, and instead he has fake ones that he removes and cleans once a week. Beware of the treat...

This is a Purple Collection item:

Purple Collection represents Malina Jewellery’s product range that is no less designer than the Gold Collection range but more affordable. It employs similar techniques, in a simplified, more accessible manner. Impressive, vibrant and exciting jewellery at a reasonable price. We invite you to experience the fireworks of the collection right now!


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