Money Baking
Frank was an abusive husband. He showed up with a huge pack of money, and ordered her to hide it. Sylvia put it deep inside the oven and continued doing her chores. That night, her husband arrived with some gamblers for dinner. Sylvia was exhausted, and without thinking much she turned on the oven. The smell of burnt paper woke her from the lethargic state. She opened the oven as fast as she could, but the money was already scorched, reeking of smoke, even the elastic band had melted. She started crying desperately, but there wasn’t time for that, her husband was coming towards the kitchen. So Sylvia, acted quickly flipping the pack, putting the clear notes on the outside, and the burnt ones in the middle, and wrapping it up with a new band. Her husband entered and took the money without looking at her. Sylvia peeked from the kitchen door, the transaction was made, and everything looked fine but for how long…

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  • 10% DISCOUNT if you buy a full set
  • white larger beads
  • red and yellow smaller beads
  • red crystals
  • bracelet fits various sizes due to the elasticated cord
  • stainless steel findings for the necklace and earrings
  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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