Billy Elliot II

They were the perfect couple: they saw eye to eye in everything, except that they supported different teams. So their first child proved a problem: should they bring him up in the red of the Rovers or the white of the Rangers? In the end, they decided – both. So, every birthday, they bought him shirts of both teams. From the age of four, they took him to games of both clubs in equal measure. On his 12th birthday, they said to him: “you’re old enough now to make your own mind up. Which team do you prefer? Be honest.” And he replied: “If I am honest, I’ve always loathed football. I prefer ballet.” And he became a great dancer.

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  • necklace: large, 3cm diameter centre, white pearl imitation
  • white with silver stripe beads
  • red crystals
  • 66cm adjustable chain 
  • bracelet: adjustable size (16-22cm) 
  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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