Samantha - Necklace

This is a long, statement necklace, which has been created using crochet, knitting and sewing.

Crochet balls and the knitted "chain" have been made from scratch, with various crystals and large beads in between, as well as some crackle beads on the ends.

This striking necklace can be easily worn with something more formal or simply with a t-shirt and jeans. 

Enjoy this versatile and unusual black beauty!

Bracelet and earrings coming soon.


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Samantha, The Story:

Carbon’s Prayer

O Lord, let me not lie forever, deep beneath this ground, Inert, unloved, forgotten, never more to see The sky, to feel the winter winds, to hear the sounds Of life as once I did. No, let me be found, Disinterred, unearthed from this dry black cave, This unmarked grave, this Nowhere; let me be saved From this ignoble death, grant me a rebirth, A resurrection, let me face the world, be reborn Not as before, as predator or prey, But something fine, something to adorn The world, to parade my worth, to be on show. Something to be worn.

This is a Purple Collection item:

Purple Collection represents Malina Jewellery’s product range that is no less designer than the Gold Collection range but more affordable. It employs similar techniques, in a simplified, more accessible manner. Impressive, vibrant and exciting jewellery at a reasonable price. We invite you to experience the fireworks of the collection right now!


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