To your kind, I am not a welcome sight. You judge me: you think my presence blocks the sun from your lives. I have become a metaphor for bad luck; an excuse you invoke to deliver you from blame for the ill-fortune you bring upon yourselves. To you I am a pariah. Yet consider! I am also intrinsic to the cycle of Life; a bringer of the Earth’s essential nourishment. Without me, there would be no green shoots, no Spring, no growth, no hope. I carry my burden across your world, bringing Life wherever I let it fall. Yes, you judge me unfairly and without thought. But that also is Life; the way of your kind.

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  • beautiful natural lava beads 
  • black cube crystals
  • SAVE MONEY when you buy this item as part of a set
  • the set includes all or a combination of: necklace, ring and earrings
  • the necklace has a suede, adjustable cord (41-47cm)
  • the ring size is adjustable
  • stainless steel earrings
  • See 'Stones We Use' for more information 
  • Please note that colours may look different due to different monitor/device resolutions


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