Pink Panther

Midnight. Moonless. The big old house looks deserted, but I know it’s not. In the near-blackness, I can just make out the open window on the third floor. I’ve got to make this quick, so I start climbing. I make it in less than five minutes, then through the window. The piece is exactly where I was told it would be: second drawer down, bedside table. Soundlessly, I retrace my steps, but this time carrying a cool half million. Two minutes later, I’m safely back on terra firma. Now the airport; I’ll be in Spain by the time they discover their loss. During the flight, I’m already planning my next job. 

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  • semi-precious gemstones: small and large Opal
  • semi-precious gemstones: natural white Jade
  • three handmade porcelain bright glazed white beads in the centre
  • large crystals
  • 42cm 
  • stainless steel clasp


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