Beatrice - Brooch

You can't get more vibrant and lively than this light-hearted necklace!

We've used a thin, green, flexible wire to assemble the "berries" made out of synthetic coral faceted beads.

We've then used green seed beads and the same wire to create the leaves, so that the structure holds its form. Yet, it is still flexible enough for you adjust any elements as you like.

The base of this structure is a large purple ring, with a metal bee, just for fun!

The remaining wire strands are gathered together and neatly wrapped by a leather immitation cord. 

A silver coloured brooch attachment is at the back.


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Beatrice, The Story:


I always wanted to be a professional magician. Before I was ten years old I was spending my pocket money on the simple tricks you could buy in toyshops, and performing them for my friends and family. My parents completely bought into my dream. Every Christmas and birthday they bought me books on magic – and they all said the same thing: to be great, you have to put in countless hours of practice. Countless hours? I had other things to do. It was only when I sawed the box in half, the box with the woman in it, I realised there might be more to it than I thought. That’s the whole truth, your Honour.

This is a Purple Collection item:

Purple Collection represents Malina Jewellery’s product range that is no less designer than the Gold Collection range but more affordable. It employs similar techniques, in a simplified, more accessible manner. Impressive, vibrant and exciting jewellery at a reasonable price. We invite you to experience the fireworks of the collection right now!


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